100 Fresh Ideas for UK 2050.

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Vision for Britain provides new inspiration for Britain’s future.

It is preparing for the conversation that must take place once the debate on Brexit is yesterday’s news.

The world is changing faster than ever before, but here in Britain we are arguing over the same issues as our grandparents’ generation.

The Vision for Britain offers 100 new ideas, launching one conversation on how Britain can make connectivity work for us all.


The 21st century is for the connected.”


The Vision for Britain aims to inject new life into the debate on the UK’s future by envisioning UK 2050.

The key idea is that to transform the UK we must drop isolation and harness the incredible emerging power of global connectivity. Our first step is to launch a society-wide conversation on what the British economic, social and democratic renewal will look like.

Have a look around. If you like what you see, come and lend your voice to the conversation that envisions the Britain of 2050.

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A snapshot of the Vision for Britain:


  • The UK budget will be accessible on an app in real time (Vision for Economic Renewal: Budget.Gov)

  • Teachers will be free to teach, not forced to test (Vision for Social Renewal: Education)

  • Compulsory critical thinking lessons will combat post-truth (Vision for Social Renewal: Ideas Superpower)

  • Great British seaside towns will become booming, bustling economic powerhouses once again (Vision for Economic Renewal: Coastal Dynamism)




renewals: economic, social and democratic


Vision for Britain


The problem is isolation.

The opportunity is connectivity.

The solution is long-term economic, social, and democratic renewal.

Join us.

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